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  • Welcome to hackable-devices !

    You will find, in our shop, Open Source and Open Hardware kits galore, for beginners as well as for experimented hackers ! LED Cubes, Arduino, games, breadboard to learn the basics of electronics, kits, and also books or even filament for your 3D printer !

  • Arduino in Education and R&D

    The Arduino has become one of the most successful open hardware projects of all time. Thus today we want to give you a little overview of the Arduino itself and its ecosystem.

    What is an Arduino?

  • Test du filament soluble (HIPS) et du Limonene

    Nous avons testé le filament HIPS et sa capacité à se dissoudre dans le d-Limonene, voici quelques informations !

     1. Impression du modèle

    Nous avons choisi un Hilbert Cube, imprimé avec les paramètres suivants : 0,15mm, 10% et 2 shells. Première bonne nouvelle, le HIPS s'imprime bien à 230°C sur la Replicator 2X, avec un plateau chauffant à 120°C, et colle bien à l'ABS.

  • Mathematica package

    Last week our product of the week was the Raspberry Pi in order to celebrate the marvelous number of 2 million sold boards. This week we have even better news: the famous Mathematica package will be available for free for the Raspberry Pi!!! Mathematica is a computational software program used in many scientific, engineering, mathematical and computing fields. It was created by Wolfram research and is a defacto standard in the scientific world.

    Let's have a look what Wikipedia says you can do with it:

  • The future of printing is 3D

    Plenty of news we have heard over the last few years about 3D printing. The latest batch of news is about printing weapons with a 3D printer at home. Certainly not something that makes everybody feel comfortable. But there are also more happy news: a father printed for his handicapped son a prosthetic hand.