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Back from Futur-en-Seine


We launched two new projects at the technology exposition Futur-en-Seine:  the ‘SmartLamp’ and the ‘VisioBot’.  Both projects are based on Open Source Hardware & Software and therefore well-suited for education in school, college and university. 

A few keywords:

• Arduino
• Android
• Robotics
• Rapid Prototyping


The ‘SmartLamp’ 

The ‘SmartLamp’ is a modded and repurposed desktop lamp  which uses a standard Android smartphone camera for face detection. The face position is then transmitted via Bluetooth to an Arduino microcontroller. The Arduino uses this information in order to control the servos and thus let the lamp follow you while you move in front of it.

It is a great interactive gadet engaging its audience and it is a fun way to learn about mobile software, microcontrollers and electronics.

Here is a short video clip to see it in action at Futur-en-Seine:


The VisioBot

The VisioBot is a teleconferencing robot. Basically it is a tablet on wheels which can be commanded via internet. The idea is to set it on a conference table and use video streaming (skype, Google etc.) on it. The remote participant can then control the bot to move around on the table and turn left and right. It is a fun toy and has plenty of other uses as well. Like the SmartLamp is is based on Open Hardware and Software. It uses Android for the tablet and an Arduino to control the wheels. More sensors can be added to make the bot avoid obstacles, follow lines etc.

We will soon publish step-by-step documentation for both projects. This will include software for Android and Arduino and the hardware blue prints. And we are preparing ready made kits with all nuts and bolts which will be available from our webshop.

If you have any questions or want to be notified when the documentation and the kits are available, feel free to drop me a mail: marcus.bauer@ckab.com.