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Mathematica package

Last week our product of the week was the Raspberry Pi in order to celebrate the marvelous number of 2 million sold boards. This week we have even better news: the famous Mathematica package will be available for free for the Raspberry Pi!!! Mathematica is a computational software program used in many scientific, engineering, mathematical and computing fields. It was created by Wolfram research and is a defacto standard in the scientific world.

Let's have a look what Wikipedia says you can do with it:

  • Elementary mathematical function library
  • Special mathematical function library
  • Matrix and data manipulation tools including support for sparse arrays
  • Support for complex number, arbitrary precision, interval arithmetic and symbolic computation
  • 2D and 3D data and function visualization and animation tools
  • Solvers for systems of equations, diophantine equations, ODEs, PDEs, DAEs, DDEs, SDEs and recurrence relations
  • Numeric and symbolic tools for discrete and continuous calculus
  • Multivariate statistics libraries including fitting, hypothesis testing, and probability and expectation calculations on over 100 distributions.
  • Support for censored data temporal data and unit based data
  • Calculations and simulations on random processes and queues

It goes on and on like that, this is not even have of the stuff you can do with it.

In the true spirit of Education Wolfram Research decided to offer Mathematica for free on the Raspberry Pi. If you don't have yet bought one, now is the right moment to do it!

To get Mathematica (already included in NOOBS), it's here : http://www.wolfram.com/raspberry-pi/