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  • The "Wood" filament is here !

    We now have a filament for your R2 and RX that feels like, and smells like, wood ! It's still a polymer which consistence is close to Masonite, and which extrudes well at temperatures between 170 °C and 230 °C; The hotter the extruder is, the darker the output will be.

    This material sticks well with PLA (if you want to use double-extrusion) and is quite solid even if softer than PLA or ABS.

    Buy it here : https://hackable-devices.org/en/shop/product/wood-filament

  • Back from Futur-en-Seine


    We launched two new projects at the technology exposition Futur-en-Seine:  the ‘SmartLamp’ and the ‘VisioBot’.  Both projects are based on Open Source Hardware & Software and therefore well-suited for education in school, college and university. 

    A few keywords:

    • Arduino
    • Android
    • Robotics
    • Rapid Prototyping

  • CKAB at Futur en Seine 2013

    Like every year, Futur en Seine is back in 2013, with an aim to share and reveal opportunities and the latest innovations in technologies and digital in the Great Paris area, for 10 days.

    This year, more than 100 projects will be showcased at the 104 in Paris, around 10 themes : City, Music, Do, Digital arts, Eduction, Data, Robots, Health, Work and Living. The exhibition will be a good place to meet, talk, share around the projects and test the prototypes.


  • New video about the Raspberry Pi

    Back in March, Eben gave a talk at TEDx Granta here in Cambridge. The TEDx guys have insanely high production values, so the video’s only just been released. If you’re interested in the history of the project, the ideas behind our business model and the journey we’ve taken, it’s well worth a watch.

  • Our new shop is online

    Our new shop is online. Bringing you a selection of the finest geek toys many of which are Open Hardware! 

    You can find PLA, ABS and PVA filament too for your 3D prints. If you wish to buy a Makerbot desktop 3D printer, please send us a mail to sales.overseas@ckab.com