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I2C Power Protoshield for Arduino v1

Easy prototyping with Arduino, version 1

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40 g
200 × 130 × 20 mm

Designed for easy prototyping with Arduino ("Arduino USB Board - Duemilanove, Uno ,..." and "Arduino Meag or Pro"), this kit allows you to easily implement your projects.
The board has the exact size of the Arduino Duemilanove and Uno to facilitate the installation electronic project; it has an soldering area allowing you to easily add the required additional components to your assembly.

The stackable connectors link all signals from the arduino making them available for your prototypes.

Two expansion slots are available :

  • A molex connector can power your Arduino installation with a simple ATX PC power supply , your Arduino easily becomes self-powered
  • A HE10 connector for adding an I2C bus to communicate with a large number of devices that support this format, your Arduino gets very communicating !

A led indicates the card status and the  Arduino's reset button is reported on Protoshield for an easier access.
The board can also host a mini-bread board of 170 holes for temporary mounting.
In addition, a 3.3V regulator selectable by jumper on Protoshield is capable to deliver more current than the Arduino and this feature is very interesting with many I2C devices.
For advanced users, when the Arduino is powered by an ATX PC power supply through the molex plug, a box of chips can be used in 12V (if selected by solder bridge beneath the Protoshield). It allows you to manage 12V equipments , perfect for controlling transistor fans, motors, lamps, LED ribbon, relays, ...

Documentation and installation guide: direct link