Terms of Sales

Orders placed online

You will get a detailed confirmation mail stating what you've ordered, how much the shipping costs are and VAT. If you change your mind, you can always cancel your order before it's dispatched (we have a daily UPS pickup every day around 2:30 PM).

If you receive goods that are not to your liking, either you ordered it wrong or it does not fit your needs (size, power, ...), you can return them (at your own costs) to us within 10 days for either a full refund or a replacement. See our terms of service for more information.

Please contact us for instructions on how to do that.

You will never be charged for credit card transaction costs ("surcharging" is actually illegal in the Euro zone).

With the IBAN system, if you provide the correct IBAN and BIC, there should be no costs involved in any transfers as long as you are in the Euro zone. If your bank does charge costs, please make sure they do it at your end not ours.


All our goods come with a 2 year warranty, if you want any items replaced or exchanged, please contact us first for RMA instructions.

All goods are sold under subject to availability.

All items are dispatched from Lovendegem Belgium from our offices.

Goods shipped with UPS have tracking and are insured.

Items shipped with regular mail are not insured or registered.

Since hackable-devices is a French society with the logistics based in Belgium, the charged VAT is 19.6% unless you have a valid European VAT number. Items exported outside of Europe (Switzerland, Norway, US, Canada, ...) are of course VAT free. Please check our terms of sales.


All trademarks and logos (and any other distinctive sign) that appear on the site remain the property of companies and assigns.

Photos of products available on the website are not contractual.


For more info, please contact us.



The charges are automatically calculated during the validation of your order.

Their calculation depends on several factors including the weight (the product, packaging, etc..), the carrier, the country of delivery, etc..



If you are a customer outside the EU or in the overseas territories, the invoice will be made without VAT.

You must pay VAT on delivery under the rules of country of delivery.

Generally the fee is calculated on the price of the goods plus freight and insurance and customs duties.

For example in Switzerland, the standard rate is 7.6% and is payable at the time of importation, in cash and Swiss francs.


Import taxes

All orders delivered in the DOM TOM or outside the EU may be subject to any local taxes, duties, dock dues and clearance fees upon delivery. Their acquittal is your dependent and is your responsibility.

The price vary depending on the nature of the goods and each country.

Check with the relevant authorities of the country of delivery.



- For France: French Customs

- For Switzerland: Federal Customs Administration and AFD

- For VAT rates in the EU: http://www.eic.ccip.fr/informations/tva/tva5.htm